Quick Video Clips

Explore the Gmail interface (4:50)  Tour the Gmail interface and learn about system labels, personal labels, and other information displayed in your Inbox.
Understand conversations (3:32) Gmail groups all replies to a message with the original message, creating a single message thread or conversation. Reply to conversations, expand and collapse them, or turn off conversation view.
Manage email with filters (3:46) Set up filters to automatically identify important messages, remove unwanted mesasges, and otherwise route your incoming mail.
Archive messages (2:37) Manage your Inbox by archiving rather than deleting messages.
Send attachments (2:38) With Gmail, you can send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes in size. Learn to add and preview attachments
Google Calendar
Explore the Google Calendar interface (2:40) Take a tour of Google Calendar to learn about different parts of the interface.
Create new events (3:03) Learn the two most common ways to create Google Calendar events
Invite guests to events (2:06) Invite guests to events and send them email
Edit and delete events (3:05) Undo changes you make to events and delete events from your calendar.
Create repeating events (3:05) Create regularly repeating eventsdaily, weekly, monthly, annually, or even bi-weekly or quarterly.
Share your calendar (0:29) Share your calendar with co-workers so they can check out your schedule, too.
Google Contacts
View and edit contacts (2:03) Explore the Google Apps Contact manager, which can keep track of your personal contacts as well as other contacts in your organization and people you email most frequently.
Create contact groups (1:29) Create contact groups to organize your personal contacts and to use as personal mailing lists.
Google Docs
Understanding the Docs Link interface (3:17) Navigate the Google Docs List and locate all your Google Docs.
 Explore a document's interface (5:20) Explore common elements of all Google Docs including the formatting toolbar and menus, and learn to name your document.
Share documents with viewers and editors (7:15) Ensure document security by defining sharing and viewing permissions with individuals both inside and outside your domain.
Create and name spreadsheets (1:45) Create, name, and rename a spreadsheet in Google Docs.
Create forms (6:38) Explore Google Docs forms. Create new forms, insert, move, and delete question types, and apply a design theme.


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